About Us

     Milk + Lily is a true mom-and-pop, family owned business that my husband and I started after our first son was born late 2020. My husband had the idea to add a small baby boutique in his family photography studio during the pandemic shutdown. It was a way to attract our customer base to the studio and make genuine connections during a time when everyone was so disconnected.
     In early 2021, I took over the boutique and started growing a community of local moms. It was a way for me to connect to other new moms which I was really craving. What I truly loved was the genuine connections I made with our customers. It was more than just transactions; it was witnessing their little ones grow, sharing stories, and creating bonds within our growing community. I have enjoyed watching my customers grow from being in the belly to taking their first steps! I have made friends with the mamas that come in on a regular basis. It's been a really awesome journey! 
Family Beach Picture
     In 2023 I took my Milk + Lily storefront online exclusively, because my own belly was expanding (during my second pregnancy) and it was increasingly harder to keep up with the storefront. We welcomed our second son this past April and he is the sweetest, happiest little guy ever! He had a rough start (was in the NICU for almost a month), but he is strong and healthy now.
     This brings us to the present day... I am opening the boutique storefront from October - December for a 3 month long POP UP! Very excited to see all my customers in person and see some new faces as well! 
Maritza Sachs